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Service NamePrices
Spa Package
Regular Polish Manicure with Shellac Pedicure$75.00
Shellac Manicure with Regular Pedicure$75.00
Shellac Manicure & Shellac Pedicure$95.00
Regular Polish Manicure & Regular Polish Pedicure $55.00
Pedicures & Manicures
Shellac Manicure (Color/French) $45.00
Shellac Pedicure (Color/French)$55.00
Pedicure (Nail Polish)  – French$40.00
Pedicure (Nail Polish)  – Polish$35.00
Luxury Scrub & Mask Add ons – Hands$30.00
Luxury Scrub & Mask Add ons – Feet$30.00
Jelly Spa Pedicure Add ons$30.00
Paraffin  – Feet$20.00
Paraffin  – Hands$15.00
Manicure (Nail Polish)  – French$30.00
Manicure (Nail Polish) – Polish$25.00
Shellac Removal  – Remove and Shellac manicure$0.00
Shellac Removal  – Remove and regular manicure$5.00
Shellac Removal  – Just removal$10.00
Shellac Application on hands $30.00
Shellac Application on toes $30.00

Nail Extensions
Liquid Gel Extension (New)  – Clear$60.00
Liquid Gel Extension (New)  – Polish/French$70.00
Liquid Gel Extension (New)  – Shellac$85.00
 Liquid Gel Extension (Fill in)  – Clear$50.00
Liquid Gel Extension (Fill in)   – Polish/French$60.00
Liquid Gel Extension (Fill in)   – Shellac$75.00
Nail Polish change on Toes $15.00
Polish Change on Hands$15.00
Nail Repair  – Shellac (Over 1 week)$5.00
Nail Repair – Liquid Gel 1 nail(Shellac)$8.00
Nail Repair  – Liquid Gel 1nail(Polish)$6.00
Nail Repair – Sheallc (Under 1 week)$0.00
Fake Nail removal $15.00
Designs( Depend on Design)  – Difficult15.00+
Designs( Depend on Design) – Very Difficult20.00+
Designs( Depend on Design) – Medium$10.00
Designs( Depend on Design)  – Easy$5.00

Waxing & Threading
Waxing – Full Body$180.00
Waxing – EyeBrow $12.00
Waxing – Upper Lip$8.00
Waxing – Chin$9.00
Waxing – Full Face$43.00
Waxing – Underarms$18.00
Waxing – Half Arms$20.00
Waxing – Full Arms$30.00
Waxing – Half Leg$30.00
Waxing – Full Leg$55.00
Waxing – Brazilian$50.00
Waxing – Bikini$28.00
Waxing – Back$45.00
Waxing – Chest$35.00
Waxing – Tummy$15.00
Threading – Full Face$43.00
Threading – Brow$12.00
Threading – Lip$8.00
Threading – Chin$15.00
Relaxation Massage
Full body Massage(1 Hour)$90.00
Full body Massage(30 Mins)$50.00
Foot Massage(15 Mins)$25.00
Foot Massage(30 Mins)$45.00
Head & Nack Massage(15 Mins)$25.00
Head & Nack Massage(30 Mins)$45.00

Customized Facial Treatment$109.00
Aqua Peel – Single Treatment$168.00
Aqua Peel – 3 service package$399.00
Facial Add-Ons – Hands Paraffin$15.00
Facial Add-Ons – Dermaplaning$35.00
Facial Add-Ons – Peel$25.00
Facial Add-Ons – Feet Paraffin$20.00
Facial Add-Ons – PolyPeptide Collogel Mask$30.00

Eyelash Services
Refectocil Eyelash Lift $70.00
Refectocil Eyelash Lift and tint $80.00
EyEbrow Tinting with Waxing$30.00
EyeLash Tinting$25.00
EyeBrow Tinting$20.00
Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting$40.00
Eyelash Extentions (New) – Mink(10 days free touch up)$168.00
Eyelash Extentions (New) – Volume(10 days free touch up)$188.00
Free Touch up Within 10 days$0.00
Eyelash Fill – Mink single $68.00
Eyelash Fill – Mink Volume $88.00